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  • Web Development: From zero to professional

    We want to help our users to improve their knowledge and become better and better in development.

    Having this in our minds, we created a brand new, well-explained, yet compact guide in order to help our users set up a professional workflow for web development.

    This guide is really special because it was crafted to make people with very basic web development knowledge, start working like a professional. It covers the flow from starting a website, to deploying it to a server and can be followed from a novice to an experienced web developer.

    So start your HTML website from SourceLair using Git and deploy to your server easier than ever.

    You can follow this guide here:

    Send to Chris ( for feedback or help.


  • SourceLair Guides

    Well begun is half done!

    SourceLair Guides are ready to help our users and visitors get started with SourceLair in the most effective way. Investing just a few minutes, will make you feel like you are working in SourceLair for years. Fast development on the cloud is even closer.

    SourceLair Guides


    • Getting Started: Get familiar with the most well known programming languages in SourceLair. We are going to enrich this category frequently as more and more guides are coming.
    • Source Control: An initial guide is already up. We are going to add some more guides concerning remotes and git control.
    • Package Management: Packages and libraries are usually essential. You can handle them in SourceLair like in your desktop. Guides for pip, linuxbrew and more are coming.

    Future Plans

    • Keep our guides updated
    • Cover every programming language & tool that you can utilize in SourceLair

    Visit and let it answer every possible question you ever had about SourceLair. Follow us on twitter to be up to date with our upcoming great news.

  • Introducing the new UI and more

    Today is a big day for us at SourceLair, and we hope it is for you as well.

    That is because, today, we are glad to announce a brand new UI that is going to keep you company during your programming hours.

    We, at SourceLair, strive for simplicity and ease of use, while still bringing you all the features you have come to expect from a fully featured IDE. Today, we are one step closer in achieving this goal.

    Alt text

    Change Log


    • New, retina-ready, improved and cleaner look
    • Various improvements

    New Features

    • Introducing the Sidebar, where all common universal controls and actions are kept tidy in one place
    • Introducing the Editor Controls bar, where all the controls and information related to your currently open file are located
    • New Command Palette command: "QuickSettings: Select a theme"; change your editor theme while also previewing the result

    This is only the beginning of what we hope to be a series of major updates and upgrades during the following year, so stay tuned.

    Finally, we would like to thank our private beta testers for their precious feedback and proposals. Building the best UI ever made is not an easy job and you help us get there.

    So go at, try the brand new UI of SourceLair and let us know your thoughts by sending an email at

  • Downtime on Sunday 28 September 2014

    Today, Sunday 28 September 2014, SourceLair will experience short downtime at 21:00 UTC.

    Our infrastructure provider — RackSpace — will be performing server reboots because of an important issue (you can read more at RackSpace's blog).

    Reboots in our data center will start at 21:00 UTC and we calculate a maximum of 30 minutes of downtime for our service.

    Thank you all for your patience and excuse us for the inconvenience.

    We will back to you as soon as possible.

  • Bye bye CVE-2014-6271

    Bash Vulnerability


    Yesterday, a new bash vulnerability was made public, which allowed remote code execution, using environment variables. This might affect remote shell execution, PHP, wsgi or other applications that use bash under the hood. The affected applications percentage might not be as big as it was with Heartbleed, but several security experts claim this vulnerability to be of equal severity. You can read more about the vulnerability here.

    How does this affect our service

    Shell Terminals in SourceLair are simple bash terminals, behind a proxy. This means that your shells could have been exposed to the vulnerability. This is very unlikely though, since access to terminals is authenticated and every terminal is completely isolated.

    How we acted

    In order to make sure this security issue would have no effect, either to our service or your applications, we have updated all our front-facing servers to a newer, secure version of bash, while at the same time deployed new images for your Shell Terminals and your application servers with this new version.

    Feel secure and have fun coding on the cloud.