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  • The colours of productivity

    Here at SourceLair we are striving to make our users' lives easier and we are always trying to find ways to enable their productivity.

    For these reasons, we have been doing some internal research and testing for some time now, and one of the things we found out, is that the human brain responds very well to vibrant stimuli, in a way that promotes productivity and relaxation.

    Today we are happy to introduce the result of our research efforts.

    Hot Dog Stand is here

    Inspired by the all time classic Hot Dog Stand theme of Windows 3.1 this is a very minimal theme, easy to the eye, that is sure to boost your productivity and make you reach your true potential.

    So, head over to open your editor settings, or go instantly to the Theme selection by opening the Command Palette (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P) and entering the command "Quicksettings", and try it out for yourself, today!

  • Read between the words

    Today we are happy to announce a new little convenience feature for our editor that allows you to view whitespaces in your code.

    To enable the feature just go into your editor settings and toggle the switch.

    Whitespace settings

    When you return to your code you should now notice that every whitespace such as spaces, tab characters and line breaks are appropriately marked and displayed to you.

    Visible whitespace

    So, go to and check it out yourself in seconds.

  • Scheduled Downtime on March 28 - Hardware Upgrade

    Hardware plays a critical role in your SourceLair experience. That's why we always make sure you have blazing fast hardware.

    Tomorrow, Sunday March 29, we'll be having a small downtime at 21:00 UTC and for a maximum of one hour. We're moving our servers to a new datacenter and we're also upgrading the specs at the same time in order to meet you needs.
    We'll post updates on the status of the migration at our Twitter account, so make sure you follow us there to be up to date.

    The good news don't end here. We're also glad to announce that we are joining the "Rackspace Startups" program, which is giving us the oppurtinity to scale seamlessly and provide you with state-of-the-art hardware.

    Stay in touch and don't hesitate to get back to us. We love hearing from you.

  • Partnering with the National Bank of Greece

    Today we are excited to announce that we have raised € 200,000 of equity funding from the National Bank of Greece.

    When we started SourceLair we imagined a world where coding would be frictionless and available to everyone and towards that vision we're going to primarily invest our funds.

    The main two pillars in which we will invest is people and infrastructure.

    We are growing our team

    The needs of our users are growing steadily and our team will follow this course. In the next days we will open up job positions in order to ensure the fast release cycles of SourceLair, along with introduction of more features and bug resolution in even less time.

    We are upgrading our infrastructure

    We value the reliability and responsiveness of our service, thus we'll be upgrading our hardware in order to better serve the increasing needs of our users.

    We can't wait to share with you what we 've been working on lately and what is coming up next! Stay tuned!

  • Introducing EditorConfig support

    Tabs or spaces? 2 or 4 spaces of indentation?

    If you find yourself thinking about stuff like that when working on a project, EditorConfig is the solution for you. Just by defining your preferences and settings in a simple .editorconfig file with INI format, you will solve these issues once and for all.

    We are happy to announce that starting today, SourceLair has built-in support of EditorConfig. The same .editorconfig file that you worked with, on Vim, Emacs or Atom, will do the same job in your SourceLair editor. .editorconfig

    All the existing .editorconfig files in your repo are detected, and any settings that match the file you are currently editing are applied at once.

    A detailed description about the supported EditorConfig settings in SourceLair can be found in its feature page.

    With the introduction of EditorConfig support, one more configuration hassle has been removed from your workflow. Just import your project in, and start coding with your coding style of preference.