Sundaygram: sourceLair gets an all-new home page

Today we are doing a big leap forward in the way we showcase our company to the world by giving a great home page to sourceLair.

Since the beginning we were constantly discussing the possibility of adding a front page or not to our application. On the one hand we had the pure simplicity of letting a developer write code instantly while on the other hand we needed a welcoming place for people who weren't developers but needed to understand right away who we are, what we do and how we vision to change the world ourselves.

What we wanted to achieve was combining the immediacy and simplicity of sourceLair and ship them as a functional app, built inside a welcoming homepage for everyone. This goal became reality today with our all-new homepage available at In our new home page developers can edit and run their code online in a minimal, yet sufficient environment by clicking on the Try it now button, while the non-developers get a great showcase of our company and our product and how it is totally different from what we've seen till today in the software development world.

We are waiting you at our new home at to showcase you a new way to develop your applications fast, efficiently and reliably, wherever and whenever you like.

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