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SourceLair - your online IDE

Besides Django integration, fully-featured Linux terminal, Command Palette and much more, SourceLair lets you
Online code editor with full featured Linux terminal

Install nothing — code in your browser

Set your self free of configuration hassle and platform dependencies, by coding in your browser. SourceLair enables you to develop your software in your browser and never worry about configuring your development environment or maintaining a virtual environment for each project. In fact; you don't even need your own computer.
Git and Mercurial Integration

Git & Hg Integration

SourceLair integrates seamlessly with both Git and Mercurial. You can use them either through command palette or the traditional command line.
Online code editor for more than 25 programming languages

Code in the most popular programming languages

Python, Ruby, HTML5, JavaScript or C++? In SourceLair it's totally up to you. SourceLair lets you code in more than 25 languages with syntax highlighting, while it allows you to run and test your files in a vast variety of popular programming languages.

For web developers

Take advantage of being on the cloud and create your website frictionlessly; focus on your code.
public url ssl bower emmet linting

Public URL

A dedicated public URL for each of your SourceLair projects.

SSL protection

Your public URL is HTTPS protected giving you the ability to showcase your work securely.

First class Bower integration

Enjoy using bower from the command palette. support

Enable shortcuts and boost your productivity on the cloud.

JavaScript & CSS real-time error reporting

JavaScript & CSS real-time error reporting to enhance your code quality and decrease the amount of faulty written code.


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