Smarter Django error reporting

Warnings and errors are an inevitable part of a developer's everyday life.

By using Pylint or any other Python source code analyzer, Python developers are able to debug their code while developing and write quality code with less friction. Today, SourceLair enhances its Python error reporting in Django projects, by providing linting with pylint-django plugin enabled by default.

This plugin will help developers with Django projects in SourceLair by:

  • Preventing Python errors raised by Pylint which are not considered errors in the context of Django.
  • Preventing warnings about Django-generated attributes.
  • Fixing pylint's knowledge of the types of Model and Form field attributes.
  • Validating Model.__unicode__methods.

Everytime you start a new Django app in SourceLair you will automatically take advantage of the smart error reporting of pylint-django. Try it out at

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