Enhanced Python autocompletion

Even though SourceLair has supported Python autocomplete for a while, it was not quite right. The autocomplete suggestions where restricted to keywords and to file-wide variables and function names.

This obviously did not provide the coding experience we want to provide. One where your tools work for you and remove the friction from your workflow.

So we changed it!

We're very happy to announce that SourceLair's Python autocomplete is now powered by Jedi. By using this awesome autocompletion and static analysis library we are able to provide sophisticated and precise suggestions for autocompletion, accompanied by their documentation!


Autocompletion is normally triggered by Ctrl + Space and you can also toggle triggering on keystroke in the editor settings.

Furthermore, also thanks to jedi, when you are inside a function call the expected arguments of the function appear to help you save time from searching for the definition and ensuring you gave the correct arguments. arguments And the amazing thing is that the even though the extensive analysis is server-side and there is network involved in the whole process, the speed is great, the responses immediate and the experience native-like!

Just sign in to SourceLair and try it out for yourself.

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