Introducing MySQL servers

Every modern web application is backed by at least one database and thus, databases are components that are tightly coupled with every developer's workflow.

This is a friction that we want to take away from every developer and today we're stunned to introduce MySQL database support in SourceLair. MySQL is one of the most common databases out in the wild and is one more step towards providing our users with the tools they need for building great applications.

MySQL Databases in SourceLair

Bootstrapping a database

Starting today, each time you create a new project in SourceLair, you can select to connect a MySQL database to your project. Seconds later when your project is created, you can easily access your database from our fully featured Linux Terminal or directly from your web application and enjoy your secure, isolated database.

If you already have a project in SourceLair, you can of course take advantage of this great new feature without the need to create a new project. Just head to your project settings and select "Connect a database" option. Your database will be up and running in a glance.


Your database user and password is predefined, but you can easily change them by connecting to your database. Apart from that, we have made sure you have one more layer of security by isolating your database and making it available to your project only. This means that neither another SourceLair user or another computer can directly hit your database, ensuring that your data will be safe and making you comfortable to test your applications with any dataset you want.


Databases are available to everyone. You don't need to have a SourceLair Pro subscription to create a database and since we're developers too, we know that we don't buy unless we taste.

That's why you can easily create your database for free, experiment with it for a month and get billed afterwards only if you like it - no strings attached!

Enough said, just head to, create and enjoy your new MySQL database.

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