Report your errors or... retry

SourceLair is backed by first-class back-end monitoring that helps us constantly improve our service. Sometimes though, unexpected errors occur that affect the user experience of our service and cannot be understood, without specific data from the front-end and we wanted to achieve this without compromising our users' privacy.

That's why now you can report unexpected errors directly to our support team. This will open up our contact form filled with the appropriate data and prompt you to send an email to our support team, which usually replies within minutes.

We are introducing this feature for failures when trying to start a project or save a file in the beginning, but we will move on with implementing it for any unexpected behavior of SourceLair.

Report the error or retry

Don't want to report this error because you are on beast-mode coding? Then just hit Retry and we will do the hard work for you, while you can continue coding seamlessly.

From now on you can feel even more sure that every time you work on you can let us know about degraded experience easily and help improving our service.

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You can check out product updates at the SourceLair blog, or learn more about us at State of Progress, where we share our thoughts on software development and management.

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