Sundaygram: The brand-new Android app goes Beta

Hey there!

Another Sunday has come and of course, news have arrived for sourceLair!

If you remember, sourceLair for Android has been in Google Play a few months after our initial release. Technical issues though made the app hard to maintain, so we took the hard decision to take it down for sometime, until we have the resources to make it better than ever!

That day has come, so today is a big day. We have completely redesigned our Android app - inside and outside - and we releasing the Beta version!

Currently, the Beta is available only to people who have signed up at The Beta is closed now, but will be wide open in one or two weeks time, the same day that the production sourceLair for Android app will go live.

If you have signed up for the Beta but did not get a release, please contact us at [email protected]

But, the news are not over yet!

Today we are rolling out several UI and performance updates to our web application, that will definitely improve your experience of developing on the cloud. To check these updates out, go straight to!

Happy coding on your Android device!

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