Sundaygram: Totally revamped sourceLair for iOS

Creating a ubiquitous Software Development Environment is not an easy job. Bringing software development to mobile devices is an ambitious goal which requires a service craft with love and conformance to the look n feel and behavior that the developer would expect. Today we are getting closer on achieving that.

Today we are rolling out a great update for our iOS app. First of all we got an all new designed based on the principles of iOS 7. Another great feature that comes with this release is support for Node.js. From now on, you can write your Node.js scripts in your iOS device. Last, we are shipping fixes to several bugs, mentioned by you -our users- thus bringing the experience of using sourceLair on iOS, closer to your desires.

Go get the all-new sourceLair for iOS now at the Apple App Store and enjoy coding from right inside your palm.

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