Sundaygram: Django version of your choice

Being in sync with the latest technologies is not an easy job. But creating sourceLair; a state-of-the-art software development environment was never about doing an easy job. We always try our best to keep in sync with the latest technologies. Thus, at sourceLair we integrate as fast as we can

About a month ago Django 1.6 was released to the public, introducing a bunch of great new features. We were really excited about that release and we couldn't let it out of your choices for developing Django on sourceLair. From today, when you create a new Django project or when you clone an existing one, you can choose between the versions 1.5 and 1.6 of Django, for it to run on.

No need for any virtual environment or multiple servers. In sourceLair every project of yours has its own isolated environment for Django, which you can choose with a single click. Handling multiple Django projects with multiple Django versions was never that easy.

Selecting Django version

So go now to and develop your Django project with the Django version of your choice.

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