Sundaygram; multiple Git/Hg remotes and more

After a great break for Christmas, we are back with an awesome new release for you. We strongly believe that we, developers, should have access to everything need, the time we need it, in a fast and easy way.

Starting now you can set up and use multiple remotes for your projects —whether you are using Git or Hg— using sourceLair's user interface. To set up a new remote, right click on empty space on your project's file explorer, click on either Push to or Pull from (whatever you intend to do at the time), and then click on Add new remote. There you will have to add a name for your remote as well as the URL of your repo. With multiple remotes, not only you can collaborate with multiple servers at a time, but you can also set up deployment to the server or Platform as a Service of your choice within seconds.

Additionally, today we are shipping some great simplifications to our version control UI. From now on in order to change the branch on which you 're working, just click on the branch indicator next to your project's title at the file explorer. Then click on the branch of your choice and you 're done.

Last, but not least, we have made great improvements in the way static content is server, decreasing loading time by more that 50% for most cases.

sourceLair waits for you at to set up your new remotes and start working in the fastest way ever.

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