OpenDevelop 0.2 (command line interface and more)

We closed 2013 with a great release, by announcing OpenDevelop; an open-source software that facilitates code execution, on the cloud, on shared environments. We are really excited about OpenDevelop and we can't wait to let you get your hands on all the features we are planning for it.

Today, we are thrilled to announce OpenDevelop 0.2; a major update to the OpenDevelop software. In this release we are shipping an all-new command line interface that lets you manage your OpenDevelop instance easily, from the command line. Additionally, in this release we are introducing an improved installer, that makes it much easier to bootstrap an OpenDevelop instance. Last but not least, in this release there are lots of bug fixes and improvements included, that make OpenDevelop more reliable. OpenDevelop 0.2 is available for download, as a GitHub release.

Go right away to, download the latest OpenDevelop release and let everyone run code safely on your infrastructure.

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