Sublime keybindings and live support

Being productive when coding always has strong relationship with the personal taste of developers concerning the key bindings of their choice.

Today we are introducing the ability to use Sublime Text key bindings in sourceLair. If you are fond of Sublime Text go to your Control Panel and enable Sublime keymap. This will let you use the standard Sublime Text key bindings, when editing your files in sourceLair.

Last, we are pleased to announce that we are giving live support for all users of sourceLair. If you have any issue, question or desire to give feedback when using sourceLair just click on Live chat link on the bottom of the page to start talking with a person of our team. That way you will be able to get immediate response on your issues and give us faster and personal feedback.

Go now to and enjoy using Sublime Text keybindings, while developing your projects, on the cloud.

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