SourceLair for Android goes public, plus Beta release for everyone!

Last week, we released the Beta version of sourceLair after a long wait. With that release, we promised opening sourceLair for Android to the public and we made it.

We would like to thank our awesome Beta testers, without the help of whom we would not be able to get rid of some nasty bugs easily and fast! Enough reading, just jump to Google Play and download sourceLair for Android!

And, of course, we do not stop here! After the great help we got from our Beta testers, we decided to expand the family! From today, you can get immediate access to the Beta list, even if you did not sign up earlier. Just join our Google+ Community and you'll get access right away.

In our Google+ community you will find information on how you can enroll and download Beta releases, as well as post questions and suggestion regarding the application.

Happy coding, on your Android device!

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