SourceLair moves to DigitalOcean

Later this week we will be moving 100% of SourceLair’s infrastructure to DigitalOcean. SourceLair has found a home in many infrastructure providers throughout the years; from our university’s cloud, to Rackspace, AWS and Azure.

What made us choose Digital Ocean as the new home for SourceLair is:

  1. Its reliability, performance and overall quality of service
  2. Its super competitive price
  3. Droplets, Volumes, Spaces and DNS zones together cover all our needs
  4. The ability to provision almost everything with code via Terraform and Cloud Init
  5. Their simple and succinct user interface that is crafted for humans

All these are crucial for migrating our 10GB+ MongoDB database and our user base, the data of which sizes several terabytes and also maintaining a sustainable business.

We could talk all day about all the amazing new stuff that we are doing on DigitalOcean, like the automation mechanisms we created with Terraform and Cloud Init and our all-new Docker Swarm cluster. We will leave it for another time though, so as not to steal the thunder of this post!

📅 Mark your calendars

On Sunday 17 February 2019 SourceLair will not be available for the whole day, from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC.

We understand that this can be frustrating for our users and we apologise in advance for that. This is necessary though , in order to make the migration as safe and painless as possible.

New IP addresses

Since SourceLair will now be hosted in DigitalOcean, there will be a new set of IP addresses in use for accessing SourceLair and for external traffic.


If you are accessing SourceLair through an HTTP proxy or firewall, make sure to add this IP address to your whitelist: .

Public URLs: *

If you are accessing your projects’ Public URLS through an HTTP proxy or firewall, make sure to add this IP address to your whitelist: .

Outgoing traffic (e.g. git push, pipenv install etc.)

If you are hosting the remote Git repos of your SourceLair projects in a private Git server (e.g. GitLab, Gogs etc.) or if you are running a private PyPI registry and you need to whitelist the IPs that access these services, make sure to add this IP address to your whitelist:

So that’s the gist! A big thank you to all our customers for trusting us and to the folks at DigitalOcean for providing such an amazing service!

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