Introducing SourceLair Pro

We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Ever since we started working on sourceLair, we have envisioned it as a professional service that could allow people to develop software as they should; hassle-free, on a reliable, efficient and elegant environment. Today, we are taking our biggest leap towards achieving this goal, by getting out of Beta phase, releasing sourceLair Pro while improving the whole service at the same time.

Up until now, users on sourceLair could work only on 1 project per account. This changes today, by introducing sourceLair Pro, which enables you to work on up to 10 projects on sourceLair for just $8 per month. From now on, you can work on most of your codebase on the cloud, without having to transfer your files or anything at all.

In addition to sourceLair Pro , we are really happy to announce some more great updates to our platform. Starting today, the server of your Django project gets spawned up to 80% faster than it normally would. Also, we made radical changes to our infrastructure that hosts your Django projects, which makes our platform more reliable.

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We can't wait seeing you get all of your projects on sourceLair and tell us your experience of developing on the cloud. Start developing your whole codebase now at with sourceLair Pro.

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