Node.js 10 lands on SourceLair

We are excited to announce that Node.js 10 is now available to all SourceLair users!

Starting today all Node.js projects will run on Node.js 10. On top of that we also upgraded Yarn to 1.7.0 and npm to 6.1.0.

🆕 New Features

Node.js 10 comes with great new features for developers. Let's take a look at all the coolness with which you can get your hands dirty starting today.

HTTP/2 support

For those that are not aware of it, HTTP/2 is the latest major upgrade of the HTTP protocol aiming at substantial latency reduction between HTTP servers and clients. HTTP/2 is already supported by all major web browsers and with Node.js 10 you can use the built-in http2 module to implement an HTTP/2 server.

Experimental ES Modules

In case you have been working with Webpack or TypeScript for your front-end JavaScript code, by most chances you have already run into the import and export statements used in JavaScript modules, also de facto known as ES6 modules.

Starting with Node.js 10 you can use the import and export statements in your Node.js modules, thus providing a unified way across browser and server to work with modules. You can read more about ES modules here.

Even more async

We all love async. Once we get the grip of it we can write more efficient code and the async/await operators are here to help us write asynchronous code without expense on readability and maintainability. With Node.js 10 you should expect even more support for these!

That's not the whole story though! Since there have been a few hiccups with Yarn and npm, we waited until these issues were fixed and made sure they work fine in SourceLair's environment before we ship this update.

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