Bringing Node 9, Node 8 and Yarn on SourceLair

It's been a long time since we gave a fresh update for Node.js on SourceLair, so today we got a bunch of those for you as a gift for the new year

First of all, we are excited to make Node 9 and Node 8 available for everyone on SourceLair

Also we pinned the version of npm to 5.6.0 on all Node.js projects to provide a consistent packaging experience no matter what Node.js version you are using.

Next, we are supper happy to announce built-in support for Yarn at SourceLair!


Yarn is an amazing package manager for Node.js with great benefits compared to npm, like

  1. Faster package installation via caching and parallelization
  2. Better security via stricted checksum checks
  3. Reliability and portability between development and production by locking the dependency tree into a single file; yarn.lock

Starting today, the latest Yarn ships preinstalled in all Node.js projects on SourceLair (existing and new) and it is the default package manager used. Npm is still and will continue to be available, but we suggest you using Yarn instead, to benefit from the above goodies!

On top of that, whenever you clone a new project on SourceLair that has a yarn.lock file in it, we will automatically install its dependencies with Yarn.

Node.js support policy and roadmap

Along with this update, we are updating and documenting our Node.js support policy and roadmap, just like we did with Python earlier this year.

Again, our goal with this policy is to always provide you with the latest stable Node.js version and most recent LTS releases to develop your applications.

In brief:

  • Starting today: The available Node.js versions on SourceLair are Node.js 6, Node.js 8 (default), Node.js 9
  • As time passes: The most recent LTS version of Node.js will be the default for new projects and projects with not-currently-supported Node.js versions will be bumped to the latest LTS version
  • 📅 Monday 7 May 2018: Old Node.js 4 projects will be bumped to Node.js 6

Take a look at our all new Node.js on SourceLair help article to read all the details about Node.js support on SourceLair.

This is how we wanted to say "Goodbye 2018"; with a great update for all our customers who work with Node.js on SourceLair!

✨ We wish a Happy New Year 2018 to everyone! ✨

Try Node.js 9 on SourceLair

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