Teaching Docker at the Docker Athens meetup

During early 2014 we started the Docker Athens community with help from Docker, Inc, of which we are the main organizers. Two years later, on March 23 2016, we organized the celebration of Docker's 3rd birthday. We hosted more than 50 attendees who came to meet, connect with each other and learn about Docker. Almost half of them completed the challenge of the day.

During this event we, the co-founders of SourceLair, along with some brilliant mentors from Tripsta and the Greek government teached people about:

  • the Docker semantics, like what is a Docker container or image
  • basic Docker commands, like docker run and docker pull
  • orchestrating their services using Docker Compose

We were delighted to see how all the attendees were interested in different parts of Docker (from Docker on Windows, to Docker Swarm) and see all mentors contributing to passing the knowledge to all those people. We feel really proud about being part of the Docker community in Athens and we aim to provide even more to it.

Dockers at Docker Athens

Docker is an integral part of SourceLair since 2013. We use Docker to let our users run their code securely and fast on our infrastructure, to run our test suite, deploy side-apps and more. We have benefited tremendously from it and we always tried to give back to the community. After 3 years of experience with Docker though, it's time to help people learn more about it, by teaching actively.

So ​if you live in Athens, Greece ​or happen to visit one of our beautiful islands and would like to learn more about Docker, all​ you have to do is join Docker Athens and come and meet us at the next meetup to be announced soon!

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