Live preview with Browsersync

We are excited to announce the availability of live preview for HTML projects, using Browsersync.

Browsersync is a fantastic piece of software that allows real-time updating of a browser window when a file (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript) gets updated without requiring any action from the developer. This way developers can develop their websites with less friction, without having to refresh the tab of their application every time they update it, even if they are using separate screens to develop and view their websites respectively.

It doesn't stop there though. If you edit a CSS file of your web page, Browsersync will automatically inject just that file to your page, as you save it, without reloading the whole browser window. This means that even if you have updated the contents of your page with JavaScript or the developer tools of your browser, it won't lose it's state.

Browsersync in action

Lastly, another amazing use case of Browsersync on SourceLair is when showcasing your project or collaborating remotely. That's because Browsersync pushes updates to your files in real time across all browser windows -- even to those of your clients or coworkers.

So head to and enjoy developing and showcasing your websites frictionlessly.

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