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Our users love coding HTML in SourceLair; they just open up their browsers and start coding in seconds. Another thing that HTML developers love is, because it lets them write code efficiently, faster than ever and focus on the creative part of their coding.

We love tools that let developers focus on being creative while coding, so today we are thrilled to release support in SourceLair. Start editing your HTML code, type "a" and then hit Cmd + E to expand it to a full anchor-hyperlink tag, by unleashing the power of abbreviation expansion of Select a part of your code and hit Cmd + Shift + A to be prompted for a tag, to wrap the code that you selected. The possibilities are endless and they are available to you, right inside your browser.

Last but not least, we shipped a lot of UI and stability fixes that let you write code in your browser more efficiently and with less hassle.

Don't wait any longer; go to and use to develop your HTML5 apps faster than ever.

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