Set up BitBucket:


    We provide this guide in order to help our users clone their repos from BitBucket. There are 2 steps:

    • Set up their BitBucket account with SourceLair
    • Clone their repo from BitBucket to SourceLair

    Let's start!

    Set up BitBucket

    In order to set up your BitBucket account with SourceLair all you have to do is add your SourceLair public key to your BitBucket SSH Keys. In steps:

    1. Log in to
    2. Go to Manage account menu.
    3. Select the "SSH keys" section.
    4. Click on "Add Key".
    5. Paste your SourceLair public key and press "Add key".

    You will find your SourceLair public key in your account settings. account settings

    Next step, let's clone an existing repo to SourceLair.

    Clone an existing repo

    You have already added your Public Key to your BitBucket SSH Keys and so you have access to your repositories from your SourceLair account. Let's clone an existing repo:

    1. In BitBucket, go to your repo and copy your SSH Clone URL ssh clone url
    2. In SourceLair, start a new project, check "clone a project" and paste your SSH Clone URL. Don't forget to choose the appropriate project type according to your needs . clone project

    3. Click on "Create Project" and cloning procedure will start immediately.

    Last step, proposals after cloning.

    Last step

    For the next step we have 2 proposals:

    1. Developers with experience in Git, they could go to their account and start working on their projects using Git.
    2. Developers without experience in Git, they could go to our great guide "Working with Git/Mercurial".